Krista Holt is a Managing Director at Econ One Research, Inc.  She testifies as an expert in patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, false advertising, antitrust, class action, and breach of contract cases on analyses of lost profits, price erosion, determination of reasonable royalties, accounting of defendant’s profits, domestic industry, injury, commercial success, intellectual property valuations, marketing, and patent and trademark surveys. Ms. Holt provides testimony on economic damages, valuation, marketing, survey and licensing matters in intellectual property disputes before federal and state courts, the Court of Federal Claims and the International Trade Commission, as well as in mediation and arbitration matters.

Prior to joining Econ One, Ms. Holt served as the President and CEO of GreatBridge Consulting, Inc. Founded by Ms. Holt in 2012, GreatBridge was a national consulting firm specializing in economic damages, surveys, marketing, valuation, licensing and litigation support services for intellectual property, antitrust, commercial damages, class action, and business consulting.

Prior to founding GreatBridge Consulting, Ms. Holt previously served as Vice President at The Kenrich Group, a national business and litigation consulting firm, where she founded and managed the Intellectual Property Practice.  Prior to that, Ms. Holt founded and led the Washington, D.C. Expert Testimony Practice for damages and National Survey Practice as a Managing Director for Ocean Tomo, a firm providing financial products and services related to intellectual property. Prior to its acquisition by Ocean Tomo, Ms. Holt was a Senior Consultant for Tait Advisory Services’ Intellectual Property Practice for damages and founded and led their Survey Practice.  She also served as senior financial officer of a manufacturing wholesaler and an engineering firm, and as the Director of Marketing at a top marketing firm.

In addition to her damages testimony, Ms. Holt has been providing survey services for patent and Lanham Act surveys for over a decade.  She has a professional background in market research, and was one of the first professionals to introduce the use of surveys in patent cases.  Ms. Holt has designed, analyzed and rebutted patent surveys including conjoint, usage and demand, and trademark surveys including confusion, dilution, genericness, secondary meaning, fame and false advertising.

Ms. Holt draws on her experience in patent litigation, surveys, valuations and licensing negotiations which enhance the quality and credibility of her forensic analyses.  She has provided services including expert testimony, surveys, valuation and consulting in over two hundred cases.

Ms. Holt holds an MBA from the University of Louisville and a BA from Wake Forest University.

Certifications and Accreditations

Certified Licensing Professional (CLP)
Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA)

Professional Associations

American Bar Association (ABA)
Licensing Executives Society (LES)
International Trademark Association (INTA)
International Trade Commission Trial Lawyers Association (ITCTLA)
National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (NACVA)

Lectures and Seminars

Ms. Holt has lectured on a variety of intellectual property topics for the American Bar Association, D.C. Bar Association, Licensing Executives Society, Harvard Law, George Washington Law and other professional organizations and universities.

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