Krista F. Holt
Krista F. Holt and Team

Krista F. Holt is supported by a close-knit and highly experienced management team of expert litigation, survey, and financial consultants. They are committed to the core values of her practice: excellence and efficiency. Leveraging Ms. Holt’s deep knowledge of industry standards and tested approaches assures superior results for your damages, valuation, and survey needs.

Practice Areas

Krista Holt provides expert testimony services in the areas of economic damages, surveys, valuation, licensing, and marketing for infringement of patents, trade secrets, trademarks and copyrights, claims of false advertising, and assessments of commercial success. Her testifying experience includes domestic industry and public interest evaluations and the assessment of bonding issues before the International Trade Commission. She provides expert testimony services for antitrust matters, class action, and other complex commercial disputes as well as surveys for patent, trademark, and other IP litigation. She also offers valuation services for intellectual property-rich companies and assists in licensing negotiations.

Select Industry Experience

Krista Holt’s wide range of industry experience is one of the many factors allowing her to successfully navigate your case. Adapting her prior experience to your specific situation, she excels at quickly acquiring a comprehensive picture of your competitive environment.